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The Gulf Coast is the Best Coast

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

When you live on the East Coast your entire life you become very accustomed to the sites and feel of Atlantic Coast waters. I haven't been to every beach on the eastern seaboard but I imagine most of them to be chilly, rough, somewhat brackish, and lacking that tropical feel. My week in St. Pete's Beach solidified my attraction to this tropical area of South Florida.

I admit I may be stereotyping the East Coast. However, if there is any east coast beach that upends the vast, warm calm waters of the Gulf I will put it on my bucket list for sure. St. Pete's Beach was not as diverse as I would prefer but I'll take warm and calm over rough and chilly any day.

Also, to my surprise is the cosmopolitan feel of Downtown Tampa and Downtown St. Petersburg. Both offer the convenience of city living with easy access to upscale restaurants, historic neighborhoods, marinas, hotels, cafes, the arts, and entertainment. I'm a little bipolar when it comes to beachfront vs. downtown scenery. In this case some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. are located just 30 - 45 minutes away from a vibrant and eclectic downtown.

Street Art, Historic St. Petersburg

I just adored the downtown area of St. Petersburg and Tampa; but at the same time looking forward to returning to my beach bungalow. City lights and beach vibes will always fight for my attention, and I will gladly accommodate.

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