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The Future of Travel? The Curious Case of Crypto Currency and NFTs.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Disclaimer: Crypto currency, NFTs, are highly speculative investments. I am not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research and make your own financial decisions. This article is for information purposes only.

If you're not familiar with the crypto or NFT marketplace one needs to only Google the subject and find an overwhelming plethora of information on the subject. To the lay person or newbie this can be both overwhelming and eye opening. It is inevitable that crypto would eventually find its way into all things transactional. Governments, retailers, stock exchanges, entertainers, influencers, and artists are positioning themselves for what could possibly be the future of money.

The travel industry and enthusiasts are also dipping their toes in the sand in ever expanding and interesting ways. However, instead of writing a thesis on the foundations of crypto currency and NFTs here are two introductory videos:

Crypto Currency Explained in 5 Minutes

NFTs Explained in 5 Minutes

How does this relate to a travel packages, excursions, and experiences? I found an interesting video from a startup called Galileo Travel Future Club. It my help you envision of how the travel NFT concepts works:

Check out this pitch from the founder of Galileo Travel Future Club:

Can this business model resurrect the travel industry from the aftereffects of COVID's rampage? Can this concept prepare the travel industry for a post pandemic world? Can travel be a speculative venture like a stock market EFT? The journey into this crypto/NFT world is certainly uncharted territory for many. However, there is no question this business model is also attracting travel photographers, agents, creatives, wholesalers, tour operators and governmental agencies.

I feel positive about dipping my toes in the sand.

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