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Costa Rica...Never Fails

I have visited Costa Rica several times since I am blessed with having family ties there. Costa Rica is relatively small in size but it's jam packed with activities to entertain all senses. Whether you're a business person, beach bum, tree hugger, or wildlife enthusiast you can find your niche; or discover a new one. My niche is sand and ocean; but upon visiting La Paz Waterfalls Gardens my beach life aspirations has some serious competition.

This 165 acre open air wildlife area is somehow managed by The Springs Resort and Spa in Arenal. If you rather not shell out the six hundred dollar and up per night price tag to stay here you can certainly pay $40.00 for a day pass to this incredible place. You can find loads of activities in and outside the resort area; You can choose from canopy/repelling tours, rafting, coffee plantations, volcano tours, hot springs, bird watching, markets, hiking, farms, and restaurants.

Scrumptious local fruits and delicacies abound.

A Black bellied whistling duck trying to entice me into ditching my beach life aspirations for endless greenery, cold sparkling rivers, amazing wildlife, and succulent fruits.

My magical mystical place (with WIFI) will have to have the best of both worlds.

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