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Beach Life: My Ultimate Goal. What If We Get Bored?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I have read many articles about the positives of retiring on a beach. Spending the rest of my days with my toes in the sand, gazing at the deep blue sea, absorbing sunshine, listening to swaying palms, and living in shorts and sandals appeals to me and my partner deeply. However, I have also read articles about the absolute redundancy of it; no seasons, day to day sameness, island fever, and sighs of discontent when you ask yourself "is this it?"

I consider life on an island or on the coast somewhere is in my future; I can feel it. A recent month-long trip to Puerto Rico verified that beach life is something we see ourselves doing. No matter what island or coast we finally reside I do realize we will also need an escape plan. I Imagine the summer heat, mosquito bites, island time, an unchanging landscape, and hurricane force winds could leave us longing for something different.

There are still many places we haven't seen or would like to explore. So the answer is quite simple; just go! As long as we're in close proximity to a major international airport the world is still our oyster. I saw these cool websites highlighting places to visit in Europe during the summer to escape the heat and duplicity of our fantasy Caribbean beach condo:

21 BEST Places to visit in Europe in Summer 2021 (Beach, Food + MAP) ( Best Budget-Friendly Summer Destinations in Europe – Trips To Discover

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