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A Shout Out to Our Virtual Tourists!

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Travel the World From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Who says travel means leaving your couch? One thing the COVID has taught us is new ways to see the world without going out your front door. For some, virtual travel is the perfect mode of tourism for the introvert, the aerophobic, the dreamer, the Zoomer, or the homebody. Destinations can be out of reach for the average person for reasons besides a worldwide pandemic.

As we were navigating quarantines and lockdowns. I noticed more virtual tours popping up on social media, travel websites, and meetup groups. It's an excellent idea and as I did my Google search I found that some pretty big name tour operators have jumped on the bandwagon. Check out some of these links.

These are just to name of few. Additionally, it takes no effort to grab a GoPro, video stabilizer, an extender pole, and a Zoom account and bring your friends along on a walking tour of Central Park or along the Amalfi Coast. So no wonder why organized virtual tours rock.

Introducing Heygo!

Explore the World From Home

Heygo presents a pleasing and user-friendly interface for the virtual tourist and tour guide. You sign up for free, there are no subscriptions, and revenues are generated via tips. You can even set up your own tour from where you live. You can earn money by livestreaming your passion or earning tips from your own virtual tour. The whole site is pleasant to explore and navigate. "Arm Chair Travel" is the perfect way to describe this venture. Check out their site:

There are quite a few virtual travel opportunities you can find online but there is something unique and appealing about this growing company. You can join, book tours, select times and even become a tour guide yourself. The guides and the company receive revenue from tips only. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This company was born out those needing relief from lockdowns. Here's a pretty cool article about the company founders here:

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